Victure Cruve

skilled conjurer who lacks direction


The fur trappers cart creeks to a halt in front of an old inn. A sphere of daylight pushes back the night air, emanating from the leather reigns of the trappers horse. A large bearded man hops dexterously from the buck board and moves to the back of the cart, unlatching a plank gate that swings downward. The traveler slides from the back of the cart, his wide brim hat catching the slow patter of a mild midnight rain.

“s’far as I go tanight. ‘morrow an th’nixt day I’ll be setting up shop ‘ere,” The trapper said with an accent shaped by a lifetime spent mostly in isolated wilderness. “Yar welcome ta stay on after to th’nixt outpost.”

The traveler pushed the drooping brim of his hat upward to look up at the trapper, “that will be quite alright. I’ll be leaving in the morning,” The traveler reached an arm in to a sleeve and produced a gold coin. The trapper took the coin, turned it over twice and placed it in to a small pouch at his waste, the dim magical glow going unnoticed, washed out by the magic light from the reigns.

The traveler left the trapper to tend to his horse. He felt a mix of emotions: grinningly satisfied about fooling the trapper; slightly exhilarated at the risk he had taken; proud that the same ruse had worked once again. Deep down though, there lurked a mild disappointment. Was that all these gifts were worth: swindling common folk out of rightly earned coin? He wanted to be more worthy of the power he wielded, but making progress was so difficult. The drive to learn was still in him, but the prospect of years of hard experimentation and study was daunting.

“keep moving, keep roaming,” The traveler thought to himself as he approached the tavern door. He paused on the step long enough to brush beaded rain from the sleeves of his traveling cloak, opened the heavy oaken door, and turned his thoughts to ways of getting the room at a discount rate for coming in halfway through the night.

Childhood: alignment: NG

Victor Cruve (pronounced “crew-vay”) was born the middle son of middle-class family in a middle-of-the-road town. His father was an artisan jeweler, specializing in fine metal work and gilded wood. This line of work brought in may eccentric and wealthy people, one of who was a prominent wizard at the school of magic. During his visits, the wizard noticed a spark of potential in Victor and began to work as his mentor. Victor’s father did not mind, as his older brother was destined to take over the family business. Victor was utterly captivated by the knowledge his mentor brought him. Starting with history lessons, then branching in to the arcana, the Wizard would appear every few months, deliver some books, teach a few tricks and leave again. Victor was most adept at the semantic portions of the tricks, and developed sleight of hand well before any true magic. Coupled with a naturally likable personality, Victor was very skilled at mundane “magic” as well.

Young Victor much preferred the country side to the town, and would often go with his siblings down to the edge of the river to pan for precious stones, gold and silver. It was on these excursions that he had met Lacy, the daughter of a winemaker who’s vineyard stretched a long way along the river. Although not as athletic as his brothers, Victor was able to impress her with sleight of hand tricks, minor cantrips he had been taught, and his winning personality. It was young love, and Victor recalls these as the happiest days of his life.

As the years went by Victor became more and more engrossed in his studies. He was well on his way to mastering some core cantrips, and his mentor was beginning to prepare him for a formal basic education at the school of magic. His relationship with Lacy began to suffer as Victor’s interest in magic became a hobby, then a vocation, and finally an obsession. With his nose in his books, Victor had not noticed that his supposed destined love had caught the eye of another man. By the time he had realized, it was too late and Lacy was gone. Heartbroken, Victor broke his final ties to the area and left for the school of magic within a week.

Formal Training: alignment: LN

In the school of magic, Victor found that he was not the most naturally gifted student. However, he made up for it with passion and tenacity, enveloping himself in his studies. He was specifically drawn to the school of conjuration, and made that his specialty.

After years of progress, however, Victor began to lose his interest. Sometimes he became plagued with doubts about his choices, often thinking of what life would have been like if he had stayed home and stayed with Lacy. His progress began to slow and life in the university became a chore. Victor’s mentor noticed this change and recommended he take some time to travel as a hedge wizard in the hopes that some practical application of his skill would help rekindle that spark of interest.

Current life: alignment NN

Victor has been traveling for several months now, always angling away from his home. He has yet to really rediscover his drive and has been using this time similar to a college student phoning it in at an internship. There is a wealth of experience to learn, but thus far Victor has shied away from it.

Victor gets by by using his skills to earn some coin on odd jobs, or with performances, and occasionally by deceiving the common folk. Most of the time he is able to leverage his disarming personality, dexterity and magic to avoid detection, although he has received a few hard lessons. He has received a few beatings, and burnt some bridges in his wake, but the scope of his swindling is typically small and has never warranted a lethal response yet.

Victor intentionally does not carry a weapon. He finds that being unarmed evokes a disarmed response form the people he interacts with. He keeps meticulous track of his spell components, including a lead and glass lantern converted in to a bug holder, in which he keeps several fireflies, glow worms and crickets. While on the road he will venture beyond the camp fire for some alone time and capture a few bugs if possible.

Victure Cruve

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